Design Vision

Re-imagining the NBC News mobile app

While people are increasingly on mobile devices and living through more digital distractions and overwhelming content, we carved a path to cut through the noise and add value to people’s busy days.

The Mission

Elevate our trusted news brands, strengthen personal connections, improve discoverability.

ClientNBC News DigitalServicesDesign Lead, UI/UX DesignYear2021-Present

The team started in discovery, using a full UX toolkit of methodologies to understand business goals and assess potential opportunity areas.

Over three months, I partnered with product leadership and research to gather and collect insights, lead workshops across the org, run modified design sprints, and utilize design thinking methodologies and user research-driven approaches to craft a long-term directional vision for the mobile app. The agile team was involved all-along the way as well. This allowed them to not only be drivers in ideation and participate in crafting the vision, but also feel empowered by connecting their work to bigger goals.

The app evolution is early in launching, but some new features are released. We closely monitor user sentiment and engagement metrics to see how our strategy is tracking, surface new opportunities, and continue to evolve our future feature set.


App vision samples

Using a Double Diamond framework, we were able to incorporate divergent thinking to expand our horizon on both problems and solutions. Often problem statements or validated ideas would generate net-new concepts to explore. This is not a straight-line process, but it allows you to push past expected and into innovation.

Some features launched to-date include personalization with local weather and news fueled by our network of local NBC News stations, a visual elevation of branded verticals and contextual links for enhanced clarity and building loyalty, and steps toward a more world-class experience with delivery of expected features like search for stories and video content.