Brand Touchpoints

Helping people find healthcare and envision a more positive future.

We evaluated and elevated every interaction consumers had with our brand as we launched a holistic treatment experience.

The Mission

Build systems, teams, and designs that ensure every brand touchpoint best supports people on their journey to recovery.

ClientPhoenix House & Phoenix Life CentersServicesDesign LeadYear2017-2018

Above all, we had a duty to understand the difficult journey people struggling with substance use disorders (and those who love them) have on their path to seeking and getting treatment.

This involved hearing feedback from patients, getting details from clinicians taking phone calls, and mapping the customer journey experience including painpoints and opportunities.

My team’s job was to remove friction at any and every point. This involved architecting and launching websites with clear happy paths. But it also involved making the experience seamless from the moment of seeing an ad we designed, to the voice and path of the phone tree when you called, to the branding and photography that welcomed you at the door or in our marketing materials.

We used tools that tied unique 800 numbers to website visitors, so we could optimize pages, forms, and paths that best led to people speaking to clinicians.

We took our learnings, and used them for launching the holistic treatment of Phoenix Life Centers.

New treatment centers opened to help people recover from addiction and also identify their own personal strengths as the foundation for life after treatment. I provided strategic direction while managing a team of agencies and designers as we crafted the identity, website, creative, and center experience that best met our customers where they wereand gave them hope for a better future.