My embarrassing slopped-together-in-an-all-nighter website that I never updated because I was too busy working has finally been put to rest. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can sleep happy now. I’m sure there are still some kinks to work out in this new site, but I’m just so pleased to have a long overdue revamped representation of my work online.

In the same way people tend to be more productive when they have a clean work space, I think I can now be more driven by looking back at what I’ve done and seeing where I want to go.

I needed a deadline to get myself in gear, so I used a little upcoming exhibition as something to shoot for. Every year (for the last two years at least) there is a FIVE by FIVE exhibition at the Tampa Art Museum. Skilled artists and crafty grandmas alike submit artwork that is a measly 5in x 5in to be on display for one night only. Local dancers, musicians, and actors take turns performing (my boyfriend included) as patrons squeeze through the halls to claim artwork off the wall for a small fee and cram their way back out through the mob. At least that’s what it was like last year, and like all new events, things are sure to be a little less stressful this time around. Although, it might not be as exciting since Sean isn’t performing a monologue in a tiger costume again.

I did learn a lesson though.

Show up early if you want to see your work on the wall before it’s purchased, bagged, and walking out the door.

… or …

Don’t submit nudes. They’ll be gone before you even think of coming to the show.

For your viewing pleasure:

Above is the oil painting I submitted this year [edit: it’s an anonymous show, so I’ll put the pic back up when it’s over], and below are the drawings included in last years show.

If you’re in the Tampa area, come out to the event on Oct. 18th and enjoy the festivities. And if you’re not, browse around my re-designed website to see *some of what I’ve been up to.