I have a huge list of artists that I want to share. There are so many inspirational painters and designers already in my repertoire, but its hard for me to restrain when I find a new artist worth talking about. So is the case with Michael Page.

His newest body of work, Into Passing, is featured in Volume 19 of HI-FRUCTOSE. Just as his work is about evolution, transformation, and changing perceptions, so can a very distinct transformation be seen in his artistic voice. From unmistakable narratives to now more abstracted compositions, he has made huge strides in creating challenging paintings.

In his newest work, Page looks to “time, its movement, and the memories grasped at the face of an ever-present death.” He finds this theme enabling to capture the beauty of life.

Relating to how I view my own work, I loved this quote by Page: “I find people’s interests peak without me spelling out exactly what I feel is going on in the painting. I feel that people are more interested in making up their own idea, story or feeling with the work.”

Some of his color palettes and forms remind me of James Jean’s 2010 (and earlier) work, but with a twist all his own.