At first, I just thought this was an interesting format to introduce a new chapter. Then I read the copy.

“In the typical cage for egg-laying hens, each bird has 67 square inches of space- the size of this rectangle. Nearly all cage-free birds have approximately the same amount of space.”

Creative design choice to get a point across, and to get you to envision a chicken sitting in your lap. A chicken larger than the rectangle its meant to fit in, might I add. I flipped through the rest of Eating Animals, by Jonathan Safran Foer (light reading while feeling under the weather on a Saturday morning), and noticed all the chapter title pages had sleek, creative typographic solutions doubling as infographics. Frequently designers look at book cover designs, and sometimes I do get struck by heading designs, but the simplicity and impact of these really caught my eye.

Another Saturday distraction involved my roommate opening my eyes to the art of finger weaving. Took 5 minutes to weave a strand of yarn. Makes me want to get out my knitting needles, if only I had time. Or rather learn how to crochet, since it takes less time.