The fact that my thesis exhibition opens in now less than a month is sinking in. A month ago, my excitement was hardly containable. I was full of ambitious ideas and waiting in anticipation for them to materialize in front of me. Now, not much has materialized and all I want are more hours in my day to work. And painting only accounts for a fraction of my commitments. I’m getting antsy too, so distractions are frequent (aka: new blog). There is a devil on my shoulder which I feel has been winning the battle as of late. But today is a dedicated painting day so I began it flipping through my binder of references.

All Sound Fury - Conor Harrington

Every time I flip through, I keep getting caught on Conor Harrington‘s work. The abstract and figurative combination, the street grunge and the crisp graphic lines, the commentary on man; they come together to create some of my favorite artworks. Originally from Cork, Ireland, Conor lives and works in London. He grew up creating graffiti art and applies his street skills to his paintings that are now gaining international recognition. Whether on a brick wall down the street or contained by the dimensions of a canvas, these paintings are powerful.