After a summer of recouping from a sleepless year of school and artwork, I’m willing to come back out of hibernation. My BFA thesis show was a huge success and I was finally willing to let go of my first painting. More have flown the nest since then, but after deciding to finally sell I’m claiming my rightful place as a professional artist. Not a month after Shall We Awaken ended, I hosted another show in the George Denninger Gallery in Old St. Charles. It’s been hectic, but I’ve finally caught my breath.

It’s an exhilarating and validating feeling to have a room full of people captivated by your hard work. My exhibition statement and much of the artwork featured in my show will gradually appear on my website over the coming weeks.

Next on the list, finish out a great summer of doing graphic design with my brother, and begin recording my upcoming adventures in Europe. Stay tuned!

Here are just a few highlights from my thesis show if you weren’t able to make it: